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M. Karunakar Reddy
Waterman of South India

Karunakar Reddy is a visionary social entrepreneur and philanthropist who has touched millions through his pioneering work across the rural and urban landscape. He is an environmentalist to the core and his initiatives are designed to deliver effective and replicable solutions to current and emerging environmental challenges including the water crisis, climate change, biodiversity loss and human impacts.

He is like tightly wound spring that is always ready to pop up at the first given chance of release. He has a knack of being in the eye of any calamity ready to provide any relief that he can. He has been tested and has emerged with flying colours, every single time. He is there at the forefront ready and willing to be counted.

Mission, Vision and Philosophy


To involve, instill in every person the importance of keeping the nature intact and thereby creating the desired positive impact on the Global ecosystem.


To utilize all the efforts in my command to motivate, mobilize and build a mandate that helps achieve my vision of making this world a great enterprise.

My Message

Our personalities are shaped by circumstances and experiences, but our choices determine our character. I’ve learned to embrace challenges from my childhood hardships and maintain a positive outlook inspired by my father. Protecting nature and its resources can be a lucrative and fulfilling career. Let’s explore eco-friendly ideas and create a sustainable enterprise. By shifting our perspective, we can appreciate the beauty of nature and drive meaningful change.

With utmost efficiency and compassion, we bestow the gift of potable water upon 1.5 million souls across 16,500 villages, all at a mere fraction of a rupee per liter.

My Career


My Initiatives

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