Igniting Minds

IGNITING MINDS is one man’s vision that has become the nation’s mission to educate, engage, and empower the youngsters’ citizens and motivate them to transform India.

“Youth of India-The Game Changers”

“Ignited minds are the most powerful resource on earth, and the one billion minds of our nation are indeed a great power waiting to be tapped.” – Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Ignited Minds.

Inspired by these great words, Igniting Minds was founded with an intention to kindle and ignite a consciousness of social responsibility in the young minds of India. The idea behind this is to provide a platform for young minds to practice social service together. The young mind does not denote age but an open and conscious mindset of realizing and accepting one’s responsibility towards society.

We are a social enterprise and committed to bringing positive change to the nation which is why we actively target voluntary, social and creative initiatives. Our work can be life-changing, and we believe these techniques should be available to all.

We aim:

1. To igniting the social consciousness of the youth Provide them with opportunities to enhance their leadership skills.

2. To provide them with a platform to showcase their ideas, develop them and come together to make a difference

3. We intend to motivate, inspire, and trigger the latent quest in them to achieve and attain their dreams and thereby realizing the vision of transforming India. We intend to carry on the activities for the next five years to draw maximum participation from the young minds in the nation.

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