Reddy Organics

The month of March, 2020 changed the way life was perceived to be , not just in our country, but the world over. All activities came to a standstill. ‘Stay Home, stay safe’ became the slogan of our lives. Suddenly, staying alive, surviving became the only thing and all other things could wait. Once the initial novelty faded off, the reality hit in and it hit hard. The season of harvest had just announced a bumper crop this year. The crop was harvested and ready, but there was no way it could be packed, loaded and dispatched to the market. Farmers didn’t know whether to rejoice or cry. Vegetables and fruits were rotting, as they could not be transported even to the local and neighboring markets. Mr. M. Karunakar Reddy, rose to the occasion, once again and bridged the gap by taking the produce right from the farm to the home of the consumer.

It was a daunting task and called for tedious planning, cumbersome logistics and innumerable hurdles. But, he along with his team met the challenges squarely and overcame them.

Reddy Organics was a boon to the farmers as they were assured of good returns for their perishable goods. The official machinery too came forward and encouraged the just cause and thus the helpless farmers found their prayers answered.

In just three months, Reddy Organics delivered – 0000 kgs of mangoes, 000 kgs of sweet lime, 000 kgs of Sapota and 0000 of watermelon only in the state of Telangana.

M. Karunakar Reddy, demonstrated yet again that opportunities do not knock, we create them.

World highest award winner in water and Environment Industry


Clean Drinking water to 17.2 million people #H2otoall #smaatindia
34.97 Million water pledges #WaterLiteracy #walkforwater
Rain Water Harvesting Structures #waterliteracy #walkforwater
1369 Million liters water saved #WaterLiteracy #walkforwater
161.88 million saplings in 26 months #HaraHaiTohBharaHai #GreenIndiaChallenge
2238 metric ton fresh fruits to 160,000 families from 236 Farmers #Covid19 #Farm2Home